Base on the Law in articles 15th and 16th from: Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de Particulares, we inform: BOTAS CABORCA SA DE CV, established at Industriales 205 colonia Julián de Obregón CP 37290, León, Guanajuato. Is responsible for collecting personal data, the use that is given to them and their protection, which will use, in order to keeping touch with you, serve you and to carry out the provision of services or related objectives products the company, as is the manufacture and marketing of footwear and leather accessories.

Your personal information will be used for the purposes mentioned above, and; notify you of new services or products that are related to the already contracted or acquired; tell you about changes in them; prepare studies and programs are needed to determine spending habits; Periodic evaluations of our products and services in order to improve the quality thereof; evaluate the quality of services or products we offer, commercial transactions such as the sale of products or supplies related to the company and comply with trade obligations we have undertaken with you. For the purposes mentioned above, we need to obtain the following personal data, which will only be employed for the purposes described above:

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Civil status
  • Gender
  • Phone or mobile phone
  • Email
  • ID of Facebook , Twitter and / or Linkedin
  • handwritten signature
  • Address
  • Level of education
  • TAX ID
  • Income level
  • Number of account or password interbank

It is important to inform you that you are entitled to, your personal data rectification and cancellation access, to object to their treatment or revoke consent for this purpose have given us, for the procedure and requirements for the exercise of ARCO rights you can direct your request to email,  with attention to Certified Public Accountant Alejandro Olvera Jorge Galindo, Managing Director in charge, our Department of Protection of Personal Data, located in 205 Industrial colony Julian de Obregon CP 37290, in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. If you do not want to receive promotional messages from us, you can send your cancellation request to:

Also it makes you that if you want to withhold consent for their personal data being processed as stated in this privacy statement, please send an email to the following address confirming receipt, or by contacting the phone +52 01 ( 477 ) 740 81 60, where the format will be provided for the proper fulfillment of your request.

If you do not receive any notification about what mentioned in the previous paragraph, you grant your consent for your data to be treated as stated in this privacy notice. Likewise we inform you that your personal data can be transferred and treated within and outside the country, other than the mercantile business people. In that sense, your information may be single shared and exclusively for the purposes mentioned in this privacy notice, so if you do not express their opposition to their personal data being transferred is deemed to have given their consent. Please keep in mind that the opposition can do by contacting the controller of personal data in the following e-mail address or phone:   +52 01 (477) 740 81 60 where he will provide the format for to fulfill your request.

Important: Any changes to this Privacy Notice may consult in and


Last updated 20/11/2014