How to wear boots in Summer with daze

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  • 25 July, 2017
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Flowers and worn out looks are coming to invade us this season, we’ve been seeing a lot of great ideas from our most enthusiastic fans who bring on their summer looks like a pro, and they just don’t want to keep their boots in their closet; these boots have to hit the floor!

Here’s a quick selection that we called, How to wear boots in Summer with daze.”


Ashley Alderson@ajalderson (2)


Ashley Aiderson @ajalderson


Ashley Lauren@tallblondebell (1)Ashley Lauren@tallblondebell (3)Ashley Lauren@tallblondebell (2)


Ashley Lauren @tallblondebell


K A R I N A@thriftyturquoise


KARINA @thriftyturquoise


Susan Heberger@triggersboutique


Susan Heberger @triggersboutique


Victoria Laaksonen@victoria_laaksonen              Victoria Laaksonen @victoria_laaksonen


Victoria Laaksonen @victoria_laaksonen

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