The Liberty Black Girl is Back!

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  • 26 October, 2016

Attention girls! Our favorite social media activity is back!,

You guys probably noticed that during 2015 we selected a group of amazing girls, one of which became “The liberty black girl” every month, and let me tell ya, it was really fun!

Because of that, we were able to meet outstanding ladies that we admire for being the every-day women, who fight to achieve their goals right there in their community, and since we believe that there are so many of you out there, we would like to officialy announce that the Liberty Black Girl is back!

To find out who’s gonna be our November Liberty Black Girl, visit us right here!




Top Row from left to right: Jessica Bell, Camila Jenkins, Diana Hoppe, Jessica Nason.
Middle Row from left to right: Lexie Mauney, Abbie Suggs, Lilly Tallent.
Bottom Row from left to right: Luisa Kulesza, Monica Siembieda, Brittany Forsyth, Carly Twisselman.