Run for the Border Photoshoot

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  • 30 October, 2015

Referring to the fashion shoot that the Western Lifestyle Retailer crew did in Hico, Texas last October 2015, the chief editor, Christine Hamilton wrote:
“This year’s fashion shoot -Run for the Border- celebrates the carefree road-trip feel complete with an edgy, sultry and undeniably feminine style”.  That’s exactly why we wanted to be part of this adventure and decided to jump in as soon as we heard the words “Edgy” and “Feminine Style”.  We wanted our brand to be part of this shoot with a Route 66 feel and included our style LB-711128 vintage negro in the list of items that would be featured in the Thelma and Louise like escape.  The final result: Awesome pictures that portrayed the free-spirited style like no other!!.  Stylists Cheryl Mcmullen and Kathryn Barkey did a great job putting together an edgy blend of stars and stripes, hot new boots and bright serape prints!.  Thank you Western Lifestyle Retailer for including us in this project!!

*The pictures from this photoshoot will be released in the magazine’s spring 2016 issue.  See more at


October, 2015
Hico, TX